eBook: 6 pillars for effective vaccine outsourcing



The second eBook in our CRO outsourcing series looks to outline the 6 main decision making pillars that both pharma and biotech follow when making the all important decision to outsource their clinical research.

Outsourcing is not a given, it requires a strategic process to assess the what, when, how, who and why of clinical outsourcing. Despite there being an ever increasing number of CROs offering contract service work, the process to choosing whether or not to outsource remains as important as ever for the sponsor.

As a vaccine sponsor, understand the key steps successful clients are making to ensure their outsourcing strategies best serve their needs and help you ensure effective decision making and action planning.

As a CRO, understand the top 5 ‘cause' and ‘effect' situations arising from a sponsor who assesses the wide range of contract service providers on the market and needs to differentiate.

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This eBook was produced in conjunction with the World Vaccine Congress Europe. For more information about the event and to attend, please visit the website >

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