Sanofi aims to hit the ground running, starts dengue vaccine production

dengue vaccine sanofi

Sanofi has fired up production of its experimental dengue vaccine in a move to signal its lead over competitor dengue vaccine developers. Although the vaccine conferred protection against just three of the four dengue serotypes in a trial in Thailand last year, Sanofi remains confident for the vaccine's potential launch in 2015.

Production of the vaccine commences ahead of any regulatory approval, but by starting early Sanofi can have the vaccine on the market as soon as possible. "Production time is rather long, it takes two years to produce this vaccine,” said Anthony Quin, head of Sanofi Pasteur's manufacturing site in eastern France. The company is also awaiting data from two late-stage trials in Asia and Latin America, with results from around 45,000 trial participants expected in late 2013 and 2014.

The mosquito-borne tropical disease threatens nearly 3 billion people, and a vaccine like Sanofi's could generate sales of over $1 billion if successful. The Sanofi group would be able to supply 100 million doses a year, Guillaume Leroy, head of the dengue vaccine project at Sanofi Pasteur, told Reuters.

Takeda recently acquired Inviragen, therefore taking on the company's DENVax dengue vaccine candidate.

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