eBook: 15 Industry insights into how vaccine sponsors choose CROs



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15 Industry insights into how vaccine sponsors choose CROs

Pharma's increased need for partners to assist with their clinical development pipeline is putting more and more pressure on their outsourcing and R&D departments. They are looking for service providers that can help them get as many promising drugs to market in the shortest amount of time, at reasonable costs, while adhering to increased safety concerns.

CROs are not making it easy on Pharma; they are not differentiating themselves. Pharma needs information; an objective evaluation of CRO performance that is independent of their own experiences. For only with this information can Pharma act confidently when entrusting a service provider with their clinical assets.

Understand the key strategies that sponsors employ in structuring their outsourcing strategy, what selection criteria are important to sponsors in today's challenging climate and what evidence you can provide to differentiate yourself from other CROs. This ebook outlines the 10 most common criteria used when selecting a CRO and what CROs need to display to differentiate themselves from the competition.


Download the free eBook here >


This eBook was produced in conjunction with the World Vaccine Congress Europe. For more information about the event and to attend, please visit the website >

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