250 vaccines in development, including these Phase III cancer vaccines

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According to the "Biologics 2013 Report" by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), there are 250 vaccines in development, including 134 vaccines for infectious diseases.

The list of vaccines in development includes several cancer vaccines in Phase III development, including:

  • Personalized dendritic cell vaccine for metastatic renal cancer (AGS-003; Argos Therapeutics)
  • Dendritic cell vaccine for glioblastoma(DCVax-L; Northwest Biotherapeutics)
  • Vaccine for NSCLC (HyperAcute Lung; NewLink Genetics)
  • Vaccine for pancreatic cancer (HyperAcute Pancreas; NewLink Genetics)
  • Peptide vaccine for renal cancer (IMA901; immatics biotechnologies)
  • Antisense gene-modified cell vaccine for NSCLC (Lucanix; NovaRx)
  • Vaccine for malignant melanoma (POL-103A; Polynoma)
  • Peptide vaccine for breast cancer (NeuVax; Galena Biopharma)
  • Recombinant vaccine for prostate cancer (PROSTVAC; BN ImmunoTherapeutics)
  • Vaccine for glioblastoma (rindopepimut; Celldex Therapeutics)
  • Vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer and vulvovaginal cancer (V503; Merck)

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