NY Times celebrates “Forgotten Pioneer of Vaccines”

hilleman mmr (zestbienbeautouza)

The New York Times has published an article on the life and work of a man whom it calls "a forgotten pioneer of vaccines". Maurice R. Hilleman, a Merck scientist, invented the MMR vaccine, starting with the mumps strain he collected from his 5 year old daughter who was ill with the disease. At his death in 2005, researchers credited him with saving more lives than any other scientist in the 20th century – and the article notes that over his career he devised or substantially improved over 25 vaccines, including the measles vaccine that's still in use today. In the US, the strain that Dr Hilleman collected from his daughter one night in 1963 has reduced the incidence of mumps from 186,000 per year to fewer than 1000. "All I did," says his daughter, Jeryl Lynn Hilleman, "was get sick at the right time, with the right virus, with the right father."

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