White Paper provided by Virocyt: An Overview of Virus Quantification Techniques


Click here to download the White Paper provided by Virocyt: “An Overview of Virus Quantification Techniques”.

Settings in which viruses play a primary role, such as vaccine production, using viruses to express proteins, the development of antiviral drugs, and therapeutic viruses (oncolytic viruses for example), require accurate assessment of viral concentration across the entire product development lifecycle.  Although time-tested, many approaches to viral quantification are decades old, and are time consuming, causing cumulative delays of days, weeks, or even months.  The result is added costs and missed revenue of tens of millions of dollars or more per product.  The potential impact on public health is also striking.  For instance, during several past flu seasons, there have been shortages of both endemic and pandemic vaccines, which could have been lessened or avoided by improving the manufacturing process.  The spectrum of virus quantification methods is discussed in the current White Paper.

Click here to download the White Paper provided by Virocyt.

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