Ineffective – HVTN 505 HIV Vaccine Trial Discontinued

hvtn 505 trial stopped nih (kevin dooley)

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has announced that it will halt its HVTN 505 HIV vaccine trial due to a perceived lack of efficacy. A scheduled review by an independent data and safety monitoring board found that the vaccine regimen neither prevented HIV infection nor reduced viral load in vaccine recipients who became infected with HIV.

The announcement will come as a blow to those hoping the HVTN 505 would be an effective intervention to stem the HIV pandemic. However, IAVI CEO Margie McGlynn said ""We know that these trials, even those that do not achieve their goals, play an important role in informing HIV vaccine development."

The prime-boost regimen comprised a DNA-based vaccine candidate and an adenovirus serotype 5-based candidate. The study had been running since 2009, and enrolled over 2500 volunteers from across 19 US cities. There was in fact a non-statistically significant increase in acquisition of HIV among the vaccinated group compared to the placebo group – a total of 41 cases of HIV infection occurred in the volunteers who received the investigational vaccine regimen and 30 cases of HIV infection occurred among the placebo vaccine recipients. The cause of this increase is unknown and is being investigated.

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  1. Ed Rybicki

    SO sad! There was a lot of optimism around this trial; the fact that it hasn’t worked – and may indeed have caused harm – will be a severe blow to HIV vaccine efforts.

    But the work goes on!

  2. Veljko Veljkovic

    Not surprising. The outcome of this clinical trial was known in advance (see references below)..

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