Lifestyle Addiction and Allergy Vaccines–cocaine, smoking, alcohol and allergies

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In Track B of the second session of Day Three at the World Vaccine Congress & Expo USA 2013, Prof Juan Asenjo, Director, Centre for Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Chile introduced the session on lifestyle addiction and allergy vaccines. He introduced the first speaker, Dr Ronald Crystal, Chairman and professor of Genetic Medicine, Lead Researcher, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York. Dr Crystal spoke about a novel vaccine, dAd5GNE, that curbs cocaine addiction by preventing cocaine from reaching the brain in rats. He also spoke about an anti-nicotine vaccine, HexonAM1, that raised anti-nicotine antibody titres in mice and mediated the prevention of nicotine-induced hypolocomotor activity. He also spoke about passive gene therapy approaches to curbing nicotine addiction, including AAVantiNic where an adeno-associated virus  gene transfer vector codes for an anti-nicotine monoclonal antibody, NIC9D9. AAVantiNic was shown to shield the brain from systemic nicotine, and immunization blocks nicotine-induced hypolocomotion.

The chairman of the session, Prof Juan Asenjo, then spoke about a "Vaccine against alcoholism addiction". He spoke about attempts to induce a mutation in ALDH to slow metabolism of acetaldehyde. He spoke about proof of concept trials in alcoholic mice.

To conclude the session, Dr Rainer Henning, CEO of Biomay, spoke about "Third generation recombinant allergy vaccines based on a novel peptide-carrier fusion protein platform". He spoke about allergen-specific immunotherapy, and the problems and factors limiting the broad application of specific immunotherapy. He spoke about BM32, a 3rd generation grass pollen allergy vaccine, which contains 4 fusion proteins. He summarized early phase clinical studies, and gave a summary of the study CS-BM32-002 and outlined CS-BM32-003. He explained that vaccines have been constructed for most aeroallergens, and highlighted a shift to a new paradigm of the way allergies are treated.

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