Vaccines against Neglected & Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Dr Navid Khan, Associate Director, North America Vaccines Segment, EMD Millipore, introduced the afternoon session of Day Two at World Vaccine Congress & Expo USA 2013. The session was on Neglected & Emerging Infectious Diseases, and Dr Alan D.T. Barrett, Director, Sealy Center for Vaccine Development at UTMB, was the first to speak on "Dengue vaccines: A landscape overview". Dr Barrett gave an overview of dengue as a flavivirus, and outlined the 4 dengue serotypes. He described the complexity of developing a dengue vaccine, highlighting some issues such as the need to develop four immunogens, the poorly understood mechanism of protective immunity, and the interference between vaccine components. He spoke about antibody-dependent enhancement, and described the WHO activities and current efforts for dengue vaccine research. He outlined dengue vaccine candidates in preclinical development and clinical development, such as phase I-III tetravalent vaccines that include yellow-fever backbones, DENV-4 backbones and DENV-2 backbones. In terms of yellow-fever backbones, he discussed ChimeriVax and the Phase IIb of CYD-TDV. He also spoke about the NIH-developed TV003 that uses a DENV-4 backbone, Inviragen's DENV-2 backbone vaccine candidate, GSK's DPIV vaccine, and Merck's envelope protein dengue vaccine candidate. Dr Barrett concluded by giving some estimates about the future of dengue vaccine development.

Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi, Associate Dean of the NSTM, Professor of Paediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, gave a talk on "Anti-poverty vaccines". She spoke about the neglected tropical diseases and their apparent link to povery. She discussed product development partnerships for vaccine development, and discussed the product development pipelines for vaccines against human hookworm, schistosomiasis, Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and SARS. With regard to hookworm, she discussed anti-enzyme antibodies and developing GST-1 / APR-1 vaccines.

Dr Diana Valencia, CEO, Latam Clinical Trials, gave a presentation on "Testing NID vaccines", and Dagna Constenla, Director, Economics & Financing, IVAC, concluded the session by speaking about "Vaccines against neglected diseases".

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