World Vaccine Congress Twitter Feed and Live Blogs

world vaccine congress washington 2013

Are you at the World Vaccine Congress and Expo 2013 USA? If you are, we hope you are enjoying your time here.

But even if you're not joining us in person, we'd love to invite you through our virtual doors anyway, as we'll be blogging and tweeting about the event right here on the Vaccine Nation blog.

Blogs (so far – more will be added very soon. Please note that these are not a full list of presentations given at the conference, but just a sample):

Day One – Opening Plenary Session – Global Immunization Strategies and Initiatives

Day One – Morning Session (Track A) – Immunization Strategies for the Developing World

Day One – Afternoon Session (Track B) – HIV Vaccines – Novel approaches, funding, and clinical studies

Day Two – Opening Plenary Session – Game-Changing R&D Breakthroughs

Day Two – Morning Session (Track B) – Influenza vaccine landscape and development

Day Two – Afternoon Session (Track A) – Vaccines against Neglected & Emerging Infectious Diseases

Day Two – Afternoon Session (Track B) – Influenza Vaccines – Microneedle Patches and Antigenic Sin

The Twitter feed below is following our registered hashtag #wvcusa, so you can keep track of all that's happening at the conference. If you want to add to our Twitter conversation, simply type #wvcusa into your tweets on Twitter. We'll have the live Twitter feed running at the Vaccine Nation stand, where you can also find lots of other goodies and useful information.


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