Innovating and introducing vaccines to solve unmet medical needs of the developing world

Despite the ability for vaccines to improve immunity to numerous infectious diseases that were once incurable along with the increasing advancements in vaccine development, most developing countries are still weighted with unmet medical needs. Due to many barriers such as cost and an inability to maintain health facilities, these countries continue to suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases. At World Vaccine Congress Asia 2013, Dr. Claudia Dovali will be sharing on innovating and introducing vaccines to solve such unmet medical needs of the developing world. She will speak on aligning pipeline trial development with medical challenges of these developing nations, overcoming policy and regulatory challenges of introducing vaccines to emerging markets and developing key cross-regional partnerships for successful research and introduction of vaccines to emerging markets.

Dr. Claudia Dovali is currently the Global Program Team Head of the Pediatric and Specialty Vaccines Global Development in Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Italy. Before working in Novartis, she has held positions in GlaxoSmithKline including the Head of Operations and Development area, Head of the Vaccine and Hospitals Business Unit, and Marketing Director in pharmaceuticals. Dr. Dovali holds M.B.A in the University of Henley (UK), specialized in human development in the University of Cambridge and is trained as a general surgeon at the National Autonomous University in Mexico.

World Vaccine Congress Asia 2013 will be held from 17-20 June 2013 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore. Don't miss out on this highly anticipated event! Register here to attend now!

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