Challenges and Impact of Conducting Vaccine Trials in Africa and Asia

trials in africa and asis 

Sonali Kochhar, M.D. Clinical Research and Drug Developmental Specialist, PATH joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon 2012  to discuss the challenges and impact of conducting of vaccine trials in Africa and Asia. Clinical Research in Developing Countries is limited due to the climate under which the vaccine industry has to work in Developing Countries- a climate characterised by:

  • Mistrust for clinical trials
  • Stigma associated with disease conditions e.g. HIV/AIDS , TB
  • Important role of community, vaccine preparedness activities
  • Recruitment of volunteers in complex cultural context
  • Long approval process, bureaucracy
  • Need to protect rights, well-being of vulnerable populations
  • Trial site capacity, country scientific capacity development essential
  • Long term commitment, support required at all levels
  • Managing expectations of community, media, politicians
  • Corruption

But how can the industry overcome these challenges?

Find out by downloading the full presentation now >

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