Top 50 most influential Vaccine personalities

top 50 vaccine influencersI've caught myself clicking on more and more of these lists recently and realised at the same time that there isn't one for the vaccine industry we all work in and love!

So, 2 discussions later, we here at the World Vaccine Congress decided to come up with a list and share it with you, but then thought it would be unfair not to include your views and thoughts and ask you to help us uncover, discover and expand our knowledge in the field. Who knows, you might have heard of real entrepreneurs, innovators, disruptors and experts we haven't. There are always the Bill Gates' and Seth Berkleys' of this world, but what about the people who do great work in the vaccine field, whether that is in research and development, technologies, access strategies, innovation, partnerships who aren't in the media spot light?

It'll take less than a minute of your time, just name the top 3 influencers off the top of your head and I'll compile a comprehensive list that I'll share with you all by Tuesday (19 Feb) next week.

Not only will you be part of establishing this list, but you will also be in with a chance to actually win a full access delegate ticket to this years 13th annual World Vaccine Congress & Expo on 16-18 April in Washington DC.

Here's the link for you to vote:

And don't forget to share this link with friends and colleagues. There more people take part, the more accurate the list. Get voting!

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