Progress in Developing Improved TB Vaccines

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Progress in Developing Improved TB Vaccines

On Vaccinenation we often discuss the research and development of new vaccines. However, it is equally as important to discuss the research going into improving current vaccines, for example, that of Aeras who are working on improving TB Vaccines. Ann M. Ginsberg, MD, PhD, VP, Scientific Affairs, Aeras joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon to present details on this development.
Tuberculosis remains a serious problem in world health. In 2011, 8.7 million new cases of the disease were reported, resulting in 1.4 million deaths. These shocking figures led to WHO declaring the tuberculosis epidemic as a global public health emergency. The situation is further complicated by the emergence of the co-epidemic between TB/HIV. TB is the leading cause of death for people living with HIV. MDR/XDR-TB is also on the rise with XDR-TB being identified in 84 countries.

The current TB vaccine, known as the BCG, was developed 90 years ago. Although it reduces the risk of severe paediatric TB disease, it provides unreliable protection against adult pulmonary TB, which accounts for most of the cases worldwide. It also provides no protection against the co-epidemic of TB/HIV as it cannot be given to infants infected with HIV. Despite its wide use, in this modern day, it has an inadequate impact on the global TB epidemic.

Why not download the full presentation to find out more about the TB epidemic and the need to develop more adequate protection. Dr Ginsberg covers the following in this presentation:

· TB Vaccine Blueprint – a coordinated, global strategy for TB vaccine development

· Update on progress in TB vaccine development: review of the global clinical pipeline

· Key challenges – including understanding the human protective immune response, developing novel models to speed development, and identifying correlates of protection

Download the full presentation here>

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