Influenza vaccines in children: Successes and failures

Influenza in kids

Dr Catherine Weil-Olivier, Professor of Pediatrics, University Paris VII, France joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon 2012 to lead the discussion into Influenza vaccination coverage rate in children: Reasons for a failure and how to go forward.

Why work for prevention in children?

  • Children are major disseminators during epidemics
  • High attack rates
  • Duration of viral shedding post symptoms onset children >>> adults, up to 10-14 days
  • High titres of viruses in naso-pharynx
  • Promiscuity (DCC, schools)
  • Transmission of influenza both in the household and the entire community, including elderly

Burden of disease summary

Burden of disease- YES

  • High rates of hospitalization
  • Pediatric admissions for pneumonia
  • School absenteeism, Parental absenteeism

High infection incidence due to a high transmission incidence

Who needs flu shot?


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