PBMC Network: Successes and Challenges

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The need to establish a more consistent, effective method for collecting functional Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMC) for the analysis of T-cell response has been recognized within the vaccine research community. A PBMC network service was created by LabCorp to coordinate activities across select clinical programs for the acquisition of viable, high quality PBMC. The PBMC network was evaluated for the suitability of collecting, isolating, and freezing PBMC within <12 hours compared to a >12 hour processing method.

This presentation focused on establishing global networks for vaccine trials: A central lab perspective. Why not download the full presentation to discover more about:

· Understand sponsor needs for worldwide networks

· An evaluation process for vaccine trial networks

· Case Studies

Sandra Beyl, Supervisor Molecular Biology, LabCorp Clinical Trials

Download the full presentation here >

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