Therapeutic HIV Vaccines: Novel candidates and strategies



1. Intensification of HAART

2. Drug simplification

3. Therapy interruption


1. Delay of progression to AIDS or ARV Therapy

2. Block of progression to AIDS (No need of ARV Therapy)

A brief summary of what the presentation contains:

The Unmet Needs of HAART

The unmet need of HAART today is in keeping the immune system from going into overdrive:
HAART has little or no effect on virus reservoirs (proviral DNA load) which keep the immune system constantly under pressure, causing persistent immune activation and immune dysregulation, conditions that are associated with increased risk of non-AIDS-defining illnesses: cardiovascular and neurological disorders, liver and kidney diseases, tumors, accelerated aging and drug-resistant co-infections. CCR5 antagonists developed specifically as co-therapy of HAART to address these key signs of AIDS progression, have had a mixed performance. Tat immunization has shown efficacy in reducing the viral reservoirs, and in leading the immune system toward homeostasis, and thus can fulfill HAART's unmet needs.
Tat vaccine was safe and induced both humoral and cellular immune responses THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS Tat vaccine promoted immune restoration leading to homeostasis:

-increases of CD4+ T cell number and percentage

-reduction of CD8+ T cell number and percentage

-increase of B cell number

-increments of central memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells with reduction of the effector memory counterparts

-increase of functional immune responses against HIV (Env) and recall antigen (Toxoplasma gondii)

-reduction of immune activation (CD38+/CD8+ and cytokines)

-Tat vaccine promoted reduction of viral reservoirs (proviral DNA load decay)

Why not download the full presentation to discover all the details about Therapeutic HIV Vaccines: Novel candidates and strategies:

· Where are we now and where will we be in the HIV vaccine research in the next few years?

· What is new in the therapeutic HIV vaccine pipeline? Discussing the most promising 6 candidates are in early phases

Dr Barbara Ensoli, National AIDS Center, Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Download the full presentation here >

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