Free eBook: A guide to the challenges and opportunities in the promising HIV vaccine market

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The need to broaden research directed at answering fundamental questions in HIV vaccine discovery through laboratory, nonhuman primate (NHP), and clinical research has recently been emphasized. In addition, the importance of attracting and retaining young researchers, developing better NHP models, and more closely linking NHP and clinical research is being stressed. In an era of a level budget for biomedical research at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), HIV/AIDS vaccine research efforts will need to be carefully prioritized such that resources to energize HIV vaccine discovery can be identified. This ebook summarizes some key factors about the current situation of HIV vaccine development and what the future holds.

With more than 6500 new infections daily, HIV has assumed the dubious distinction of being one of the most catastrophic pandemics to confront mankind. Although the search for an HIV vaccine remains among the highest public health priorities, the identification of a preventive HIV vaccine has thus far eluded the biomedical research community, mainly because of the significant scientific obstacles presented by the virus.

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  1. Ana Coroadinha

    HIV vaccination poses a challenge that other virus also pose. Further researach on HIV vaccination contributes broadly to virology.

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