Strengthening routine immunization programs : enhancing local capacity and institutions

download, Strengthening routine immunization

Interested in knowing how to strengthen routine immunization programs?

Discover how to by downloading this presentation from the World Vaccine Congress Lyon on strengthening routine immunization programs : enhancing local capacity and institutions:

· Routine immunization programs now receive less funding as donors focus on new vaccines and targeted immunization campaigns.

· Yet, strong routine immunization programs are necessary to achieve and maintain high, timely coverage and to ensure sustainable service delivery. This requires not only continued support but also activities to enhance local capacity and institutions.

· Moreover, reliable, routine immunization activities are likely to increase demand for vaccines and community support. Campaigns may have the opposite effect as they are not integrated into communities, by definition cannot provide long term social messaging, and disrupt regular services

Dr Philippe J. Stœckel, DVM, MSc, President and Chairman, Agence de Médecine Préventive

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