Top 20 vaccine presentation downloads for 2012

Top 20 vaccine presentationsAs with the previous post about the Top 5 ebooks for 2012, I thought I compile the most downloaded presentations from the last 12 months. Please allow me to take this opportunity to thank our speakers again, who very kindly take time out of their busy lives to join us at and you at the World Vaccine Congresses around the world to share their views, experience and knowledge. With the Washington Congress being the largest in the series, it's no surprise that the majority of your favourite presentation have come from there, but the European Congress is not far behind either with 4 entries in the top 10. The topics range from thermostable vaccine development, to the latest in malaria vaccine R&D, cell line vaccine production and regulatory concerns for vaccine manufacturing, as well as the latest pricing issues and vaccines in the emerging markets.

Here is the full list – click on the heading to get more info:

1. Opportunities and Challenges of Developing Thermostable vaccines – PATH

2. Brazil vaccine development: The Immunization program in Brazil – Instituto Butantan

3. Lung Cancer vaccine CimaVax-EGF – CIM Cuba

4. Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines produced in vero cells – Instituto Butantan

5. Complex Partnerships – Collaborating effectively in the development of a hexavalent combination vaccine – Merck & Sanofi Pasteur

6. Advancements in Malaria vaccine production: Progress and challenges – Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

7. Interested in vaccine clinical trials? – Pfizer

8. What are the new regulatory considerations for vaccine manufacturing? – Novavax

9. Is cell line vaccine production to great an investment to become reality? – BARDA

10. Development of a recombinant protective antigen (rPA) based anthrax vaccine – PharmAthene

11. Vaccine manufacturing facilities – best practice and new benchmarks – MedIummune

12. NIAID Influenza vaccine development: Informed by rapid responses to viral outbreaks – NIAID/NIH

13. Regulatory Perspective for Plant-based Vaccines – FDA

14. Monitoring Safety in Vaccine Clinical Trials – Pfizer

15. Plant-Based Protein Expression Coming of Age – Bayer Innovations

16. Pandemic and Prepandemic influenza vaccine development in the Russian Federation – Microgen

17. Vaccine pricing and adaptation in developing countries – MSF Access Campaign

18. Novel Avian Cell Line for Human Vaccine Production – Baxter Innovations

19. Outsourcing – technology transfer issues for vaccines and how to overcome them – Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases

20. Why a malaria vaccine? Novel T cell antigen discovery technology and malaria vaccines – Genocea


More World Vaccine Congress Lyon 2012 presentations can be found here and stay tuned for news and announcements about the 13th annual World Vaccine Congress Washington in April 2013.

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  1. Brian Decker

    I am really interested on why FDA did not allow a conditional approval for Biovest cancer vaccine. Sign the petition for… Investigate this cancer vaccine a little and you will be wondering why also.

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