Commercial, clinical and regulatory challenges in development of cancer vaccines – opportunities and solutions

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The need for a Cancer vaccine is undisputed. As a leading cause of mortality worldwide, it is important that we work towards an effective cure and/or treatment. Some forms of cancer masquerade as a chronic disease and current passive immunotherapy only partially addresses clinical needs. Difficulties in producing an effective vaccine have arisen as Cancer vaccines are more complex medicines with the ability to modify or restore immunological response to tumour. Many attempts at trials and treatments have documented throughout the past century, with some success. High risk from development, regulatory and commercial perspectives also make the production of a cancer vaccine more difficult.

Current therapeutic cancer vaccines divide into two principal categories: Personalized and Standardized. Personalised vaccines include: Cell-based (dendritic, immune, tumour cell) vaccines and Tumour derived antigens. Standardized vaccines include recombinant antigens, oncolytic viruses, gene-therapy and anti-idiotype vaccines.

Why not download this presentation from Dr Alex Kudrin on the commercial, clinical and regulatory challenges in development of cancer vaccines – opportunities and solutions to discover more about:

· Cancer vaccines successes and failures – what are the clinical opportunities that can be targeted?

· New innovative ways of measuring overall responses and systematic elucidation of prognostic factors and biomarkers

· Developing new combination regimes between biotech and big pharma – the importance of early alliances

Dr Alex Kudrin, Medical Assessor in Licensing of Biological Products, Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

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