Collaborative strategies for enhanced regulatory approval outcomes

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Protection of human subjects enrolled in clinical trials is the focus of regulation during vaccine development.

The guiding principles behind agency interactions during development are as follows:

· To understand the regulatory requirements at each stage of development

· Guidance documents outline general considerations, but program-specific input is essential

· Agency engagement may provide insights

· New data or information can influence the discussion

· Clinical development programs intended to support global licensure require feedback from multiple agencies

Vaccine development presents unique challenges

· Complexity in manufacturing and product characterization− Link between process, analytical and clinical development

· Development cycles are relatively long− Greater likelihood that new information/questions may arise which influence the development path

· Benefit-risk considerations for prophylactic products intended for broad use mean high safety hurdle

· These factors have the potential for increasing program risk− Agency engagement and feedback during development is an important element of managing this risk

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· Increasing communication between regulators and trial organisers

· Regulatory criteria for early and late stage trials

· Risk assessments in clinical trials, pre and post-licensure

Dr Keith Chirgwin, Vice President, WW Regulatory Group Leader, Merck

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