Utilising Electronic patient recorded outcomes (ePRO)

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When do you use these ROs?

PRO – certain aspects of disease are known only to the patient
   Shortness of breath
   Health-related Quality of Life (HRQL)
ClinRO – clinicians can only report what they see
   Signs of disease e.g. joint swelling, nodules
   Patient activities e.g. 6 minute walk test
ObsRO – sometimes patients are not able to self-report
   Young children and infants
   Cognitively impaired
eRO – electronically captured PRO, ClinRO, or ObsRO

To find out more about when, how and why to utilising Electronic patient recorded outcomes (ePRO), download the full presentation here >

· Transforming the quality of self-reported data collected from subjects in vaccine clinical trials worldwide

· Importance of specific symptom diaries, reactions to the investigational therapy and health-related quality of life in order to demonstrate safety and efficacy

· Overcoming issues with paper based data collection

Linda Deal, Head of Health Outcomes Research, ERT

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