Download: EU perspective on strengthening influenza prevention

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EU perspective on strengthening influenza prevention
Isabel De la Mata, Principal Adviser with special interest in Public Health, EU Commission

The Recommendation on Seasonal Influenza Vaccination of the EU Council can be clearly identified by its objective to provide 75 % coverage rate for ‘older age groups' and, if possible, for other risk groups by the 2014/2015 winter season; and improve vaccination coverage among healthcare workers. Member States are encouraged to adopt and implement national, regional or local action plans or policies, as appropriate. Member States also report on a voluntary basis to the Commission on the implementation of the Recommendation. ECDC issues guidance to the member starts, including the definition of ‘older age groups' and of ‘risk groups'. The EU Commission reports regularly to the Council on the implementation of the Recommendation across the member states, on the basis of the data these states make available.


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