The meaning and impact of vaccines

1101_gates-diarrhea-chart_290This is a re-post of the Forbes post from earlier today about a very interesting and encouraging chart that shows very simply the impact vaccines have in the real world.

Working on the R&D side of things is important, otherwise we wouldn't have the much needed breakthroughs, but I believe it is also important to look at the actual effect vaccine product have.


This is the graph:

Rotavirus vaccine impact Mexico

And this is how Matthew Herper puts it very nicely in his article:

"This is a graph of what happened when the vaccine against rotavirus, a major cause of infant diarrhoea, was introduced in Mexico.

See that series of mountains? Those are the big peaks in deaths that were caused each time rotavirus season came around. After the vaccine was introduced (this is the Merck vaccine; there's also a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine), those mountains just get sheared off. Those are kids who are not dying as a result of a vaccine a short period of time after its use. To me, it's a very dramatic graph and evidence of the power that pharmaceutical products can have to improve people's lives in the right circumstances."

Couldn't agree with him more.

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