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In the United States, 65 million people have some type of allergy. In Europe, that number goes up to 87 million. Fifty six percent are allergic to grasses in the US versus 52% in Europe. Cat allergies are 39% in the US and 30% in Europe and food allergies are 10% in the US and 11 % in Europe.

The prevalence of allergic diseases is global and growing. Recent trends indicate that half of all Europeans will suffer from allergy by 2015. Today, allergy treatment, which only suppresses the symptoms or lessens the inflammation, is via drugs, anti-histamines or steroids. And that market is big business. The anti-allergy drug market is anticipated to exceed $14.7 billion by 2015 in the US alone. Worldwide allergy vaccine sales were $642 million in 2010. The above stats and value of the market shows a very promising market segment within vaccines. This eBook will examine how allergy vaccines work, what types of vaccines are available, the challenges of their development and also provide you with examples of market opportunities within the growing allergy vaccine industry.

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