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Patricia Fast from IAVI joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Washington 2012 to discuss the potential for an HIV vaccine. 30 years after the initial cases of AIDS, HIV continues to devastate. In 2009, there were 33.3 million people living with HIV worldwide. With 7100 new HIV infections daily adding up to 2.6 million per year, the need for a vaccine is clear. To date, there have been 30 million AIDS-related deaths.

In recent years, there has been unprecedented momentum in HIV prevention field. Why must new HIV vaccine be evaluated in developing countries?

· Vaccines should be tested in areas where they are likely to be used

· Vaccines must be safe and effective for the population

· Trial conduct may help put delivery systems in place

· In-country testing facilitates national approval

• In-country testing raises awareness and empowerment of communities

IAVI today is an integrated organisation that links their industry style labs with academic, government and private-sector partnerships, along with their network of clinical trial centres in Africa with the advocacy and outreach from community to international level. IAVI promotes a global approach : working with developing countries

An innovative approach to the research and development

of health products for nations that most need them

· Ensuring that vaccines will be available, accessible and used in countries hardest hit as quickly as possible

· Using a "development approach"

Create an enabling environment for research

· Promoting national ownership and sustainable in-country commitment

· Addressing the social and political context related to AIDS and to conducting research in resource-poor settings

· Reducing reluctance to support or participate in clinical research

· Move to applied design research when appropriate

Bring the voices of developing countries to the global call for investment in AIDS vaccine research

· Mobilizing countries as integral to the process

· Supporting strong and well-informed developing country voices

· Policy research for less-developed countries as well as OECD issues/audiences

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about the important work of the IAVI. Tell us what you think by commenting in the space provided below.

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