Adopting improved animal models developed in academia


Dengue is a global public health problem, with 3 billion people at risk and over 50 million cases per year. The following image details the spectrum of this infection:


Dengue fever

As it stands there are no dengue specific vaccine or anti-viral therapies on the market.

Developing a vaccine against Dengue presents many challenges:

• 4 viruses, tetravalent formulation difficult
• Potential for more than 4 serotypes in the future
• Incomplete understanding of immune correlates
• Incomplete understanding of virulence factors
• Complex disease epidemiology

Dr Sujan Shresta, Center for infectious Disease, Division of Vaccine Discovery, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology joined us at the World Vaccine Congress Washington 2012 to present on the potential for Dengue Fever Vaccine through Adopting improved animal models developed in academia.

Download the presentation here!

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