Free eBook: Vaccine Contract Research A look at the next biggest markets for CROs – Who’s after China and India?

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Here is the much-anticipated second eBook in the Vaccine Nation series. Please tell us what you think in the comment box below!

Over the past 10 years, CROs have raised their levels of services and become more sophisticated operations. They’re becoming the place where expertise resides. In fact, 2010 marked the first time employment at CROs exceeded those at major pharmas on the clinical side, according to a study conducted by Tufts CSDD. Some 46,550 worked in clinical at CROs and 41,275 worked in clinical at major pharmas.

As the outsourcing market continues to grow, so has the number of attractive locations for clinical trials. Smaller countries have joined the usual suspects–such as China and India on the CRO map.

With some insight from the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) and Pharma companies, such as Pfizer, Novartis and Sanofi, we asked which countries were the next promising, upwardly mobile countries in offering outsourcing services for the vaccines industry.

The key features on which the opinions are based were population, infrastructure, legal framework and cost. A strong patient pool is essential, whether that means a large population or a large group of patients suffering from a particular disease. So is a reasonably strong healthcare system.

And then there’s the legal framework. Does the government have a regulatory body that spells out the rules and is capable of enforcing them? For some of the countries on our list, that’s already the case. For others, however, the regulatory apparatus is a work in progress.

Cost is also key, but money isn’t everything. There are certainly cost differences across regions in terms of investigators’ fees, diagnostic procedures, startup fees, importation taxes and labor costs, however, the main drivers for clinical trials allocation continue to be the realistic evaluation of the feasibility of a particular study.

This ebook will highlight the new top 5 countries pharma companies are looking at, outside of China and India. We will outline the best ways to identify what pharma and biotechs – your clients – are looking for when selecting a CRO, and the key challenges you will have to overcome in these countries.


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