Can one cell-line meet the demands of product quantities and varieties?

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There is an industry need for new high performance technologies that achieve the goal of meeting the unmet needs of bio-manufacturing. These technologies must be: effective, safe, have decent capacity, rapid response, be cost-effective and simple to manufacture. Fraunhofer USA are attempting to produce these technologies. Pilot production has operated to USFDA cGMP standards.

Should the technologies be biological- can the system produce proteins with desired characteristics?

Should the technologies be commercial- do they attributes that make the technology competitive?

Should the technologies be regulatory- are they safe, potent and effective?

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Dr Vidadi Yusibov, Executive Director, Fraunhofer USA joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington to discuss whether or not one cell-line can meet the demands of product quantities and varieties. Why not download the full presentation to find out more about:

  • Evaluating cell line vaccine production to date, and the lessons which can shape its continual development
  • A closer look at our existing knowledge of plant cell line and how can this be leveraged for future explorations?
  • Would the industry be better equipped for all eventualities if several cell lines were used so as to ensure both timescale and target vaccine demands, are met?

Download the full presentation here!

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