Download: Replikins whitepaper on preventing influenza pandemics, predicting outbreaks and H5N1

Samuel Bogoch, Chairman of Replikins, kindly provided this whitepaper, ‘The possibility of preventing pandemics: Highest Replikin counts in H5N1 HA and p B1 genes in 2010 and 2011 predict specific new variants with increased infectivity and lethality.’

Download the whitepaper here.

The whitepaper argues that, “the possibility of preventing the development of influenza virus outbreaks and pandemics is being considered for the first time because quantitative changes in the genome have been shown to predict strain-specific outbreaks and the particular geographic locations where outbreaks will occur.”

Dr. Bogoch’s discovery of Replikins, their concentration, conservation, and trans-strain sharing in the influenza genomes, and their relationship to rapid replication and advance warning of virus outbreaks, permitted the prediction in 2008 of the last H1N1 Pandemic of 2009, six other correct predictions of influenza outbreaks, and of the geographic location of these outbreaks, and a prediction one year in advance of the current Foot and Mouth Disease outbreaks in Asia, the middle East and Europe.

Download the whitepaper now for more information on pandemic prediction and H5N1 influenza vaccines.

Current data on SARS and H5N1 will be presented at Influenza Congress USA this November.

The complete solid-phase synthesis of the Replikins TransFlu®Vaccine which, without any biological constituents, has blocked both replication and excretion of H5N1 in chickens is also of interest. Early warning, for the first time, provides the time needed to make optimal public health preparations and to produce and thoroughly test synthetic vaccines based on the specific Replikins genomic components identified in advance which are proceeding toward an outbreak, as well as the location of such outbreak. Thus it is possible now, for the first time, to begin testing pandemic prevention with synthetic vaccines.

Dr. Bogoch will be presenting on this topic – ‘The present and future: Solid phase synthetic vaccines’ – at Influenza Congress USA. Register now to hear him share his expertise!

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