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Ms Tine Rikke Jørgensen holds a MSc Biology, MSc Health Economics and an MPH and she is an Advanced Course of Vaccinology 13 fellow. She started her career with WHO HQ in Vaccine Research and Development with a strong developing world field component. Hereafter she worked at WHO EURO on surveillance of infectious disease in the region. Also she was responsible for EUVACNET at the Danish State Serum Institute. She has worked as a short term consultant for DANIDA doing health care sector review, EU, the Nordic Council and WHO. From 2007 she worked as Head of Dept Public Affairs, SPMSD, in Denmark focused on HPV and rotavirus vaccines and from 3 September with Lundbeck A/S as Head of Dept, Global Market Access. Tine Rikke Jørgensen carries a mix of experience from the public and private sector. She has in-depts experience in various aspects of immunization programme especially on the decision making process, vaccine acceptance and the drives and barriers for implementation and acceleration of immunisation programmes as well as monitoring and evaluation. She has initiated and implemented epidemiological and operational research especially on HPV vaccination and rotavirus. Her interest is focused on how to created the optimal and continuous synergy between private and public sectors with the goal of optimizing public health impact.

Blogged on behalf of Milana Shapira and Sophia Doll

This morning Tine Rikke Jørgensen headed off the talks with a discussion surrounding the need for partnerships in order to increase uptake and trust in vaccines. She gave the example of the Danish acceptance of the HPV vaccine, reminding “Vaccines are public health and public health is politics, and we should never forget that”. Denmark is an interesting case, because traditionally they have been slow in vaccine uptake, preferring to wait and see what happens in other countries first. With HPV however, they were very fast in doing so and have been able to obtain a very high coverage. Jørgensen explained how stakeholders were crucial in the process as they increased public trust in the vaccine. Even the Danish Royal Family was involved! Thus, she highlights the importance of finding stakeholder alliances and their engagement.


The presentations from the event will be made available from the 1st November.

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