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Broadening your pipeline & balancing your portfolio

Peter Keller, Vice President Business Development, Selecta Biosciences presented today at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon to detail how to broaden your pipeline and balance your portfolio. As an expert from Selecta Biosciences he gave details on applications for Synthetic Vaccine Particle (SVP) technology, Selecta's portfolio strategy and resource prioritization process, antigen sourcing, the benefits of geographical expansion of R&D operations in emerging markets and finally how to build a R&D operation in Russia.

Synthetic nanoparticles able to mimic nature is the goal of Selecta Biosciences in Russia, a flexible and modular vaccine platform. How do they produce these synthetic vaccines? Using a specialized vessel that produces nanoparticles for 10000 doses of vaccine within 10-15 hours! We are facing a technology with several advantages: flexibility, scalability, very stable, reproducible, and with low costs.
In details, this pipeline established in Russia, has to respond to 4 fundamental factors:

1.    Social and economic necessities
2.    Fundings
3.    Expertise
4.    Industrial partnership

Dr. Keller showed the example of nicotine, one of the leading causes of mortality in Russia and since the life expectency in Russia is very low, actions on smoking comsumption and production of innovative products is an economic necessity. Thus, Russian vaccine players are involved to broaden the pipeline (Microgen, Petrovax, Binnopharm, Selecta Rus).

Selecta Biosciences in Russia not only shows a versatile and scalable production of PLGA nanoparticle vaccines, but also shows an emerging market able to product innovative drugs.

The presentations from the event will be made available from the 1st November.

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