Live event feed: Dr Martin Howell Friede

world vaccine congress lyon

Blogged on behalf of Milana Shapira and Sophia Doll

Dr Martin Howell Friede, WHO,  presented a different take on adjuvants, warning first he is a pessimist. He suggests people should steer away from adjuvants, when possible, as they are difficult to use, rarely get approved and success rates are low. Friede recommends trying to increase an antigen’s immunogenecity first rather than adding adjuvant, since – as best summarised by one of the audience – “the world’s best adjuvant cannot make up for a bad antigen”. Nonetheless, Friede recognised a need for adjuvants in some cases, especially in overcoming diminished immunity, enabling broad cross-protection, enabling dose-reduction and for new vaccines.


The presentations from the event will be made available from the 1st November.

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