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Blogged on behalf of Natalia Forero Serna

Dr. Casimiro, Director of Vaccine Basic Research, Merck & Co gave a presentation today about the scientific challenges and opportunities in developing novel vaccines for emerging and developing markets at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon.

Despite the progress achieved by the companies these days, new vaccine targets emerge thus many needs still exist. We find not only new challenging targets such as pathogen targets, emergent diseases, global killers such as malaria or HIV, but there is also a need to expand global businesses and diversify business models.

Dr. Casimiro numbered enabling technologies and R&M models to develop vaccines, to improve and increase the response, to simplify the vaccine delivery, and to create a partnerships (example: between private foundations & US federal funding) to have an approach to other infectious diseases.

During his presentation, he showed us two outstanding models of selected novel vaccine programs for mosquito-borne viral diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya, which is currently in development with a recent lack of efficacy. Also, Merck’s engagement and achievement in HIV vaccine R1D and Malaria.

To sum up, Dr. Casimiro considers that vaccines have had and continue to have a huge impact, that private/public sector alliances are essential to enable the development of novel vaccines, and last but not least, companies have an important social responsibility since technologies should be shared.

The presentations from the event will be made available from the 1st November.

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