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The first presentation of the first day at the World Vaccine Congress came from Professor Daniel Floret, Professor of Pediatrics at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon. He has been the Head of the Pediatric emergency department at the Mother and Child University Hospital of Lyon and currently Consultant for pediatric infectious diseases and vaccinology in this hospital. Since 2007, he has been appointed at the Haut Conseil de la Santé Publique as the chairman of the Technical Committee for Immunization, of the French NITAG.

Blogged on behalf of guest bloggers Milana Shapira and Sophia Doll:

Professor Daniel Floret from the French Committee for vaccination gave the first talk of the day outlining the French immunisation schedule and recommendation decision making process. He suggested that changes to the schedule are imminent and gave a brief overview of the hierarchical organisation and missions of the CTV. Floret then presented some data modelling: the impact of different vaccination strategies for Meningitis C, considering for example vaccinating toddlers versus infants, and taking into account herd immunity. Medico-economic studies evaluated the cost effectiveness of different strategies and suggest that immunisation of toddlers, followed by a boost later on to maintain herd immunity is best. He hinted towards problems in the structure of the CTV which need to be addressed, as well as scarcities of resources and availability of experts. 

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The presentations from the event will be made available to download from the 1st November.


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