Presentation download: Technology transfer to developing country vaccine manufacturers

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WHO led an initiative to increase vaccine supply. The 2006 consultation identify new approaches to immunize 6.7 billion people as quickly as possible. The target: 13.5 billion doses (assuming 2 doses per vaccine) and used within 6 months of the pandemic alert. The Global Pandemic Influenza Action Plan (GAP) promotes seasonal vaccine programs, expansion of manufacturing capability particularly in developing countries and enhanced R&D. The situation in 2006 can be summed up as follows:

· Global influenza vaccine production at 350 million doses (by 2009 up to 900 million doses)

· 90% of vaccine production in 9 countries in Europe and North America

· Middle East, Africa and Asia unprotected

Marc LaForce, Director, Meningitis Vaccine Project, PATH joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington 2012, to present on technology transfer to developing country vaccine manufacturers.

Why not download the full presentation and discover more about:

· The progress made by ‘emerging suppliers' over the last decade, and how they are developing new important products to provide over half of all vaccines used globally

· How the challenge of meeting the requirements of production capacity was met through rapid technology transfer

· How the activities of NGOs are strongly linked with vaccine manufacturing in the developing world


Download the presentation here!

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