An economic comparison between stainless steel and single-use systems

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The economic comparison between stainless steel and single-use systems by Jeff Johnson, Engineering Director, Global Engineering Services, Merck & Co., is very interesting. He joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington 2012 to give details on his conclusion, starting with the methodology of the analysis.

Merck concludes that the number of lots per year is a dominant factor; as single-use technologies have highest impact in low volume requirements. Choosing an optimal solution will require much more analysis. The likely outcome is estimated in the following table:


Capital Saving

NPV Impact


$2-4 MM

$1-2 MM


Ì´$1 mm

≤$1 mm


$2-4 MM

$2-4 MM


$5-9 MM

$4-6 MM

Why not download the full presentation and get the full details about this economic comparison between stainless steel and single-use systems:

• A comparison on the use of Stainless Steel and Single Use (SU) technology for a new biotechnology facility was conducted

• The analysis included the feasibility of SU for each unit operation, the development effort required to implement SU, and the total Net Present Value of various options

• The results show SU is favoured in some applications, while stainless steel equipment is optimal in other applications


Download the full presentation here!

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