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How much involvement should governments have in vaccine development, in manufacturing, in production etc.? Tell us below

The US Government is planning to make major investments over the next 2-8 years in MCM development and manufacturing infrastructure. Because of this it is possible that there will be manufacturing technology development that is not directly tied to specific MCMs. The programs that are currently in progress will define who gets the future MCM development work, and this could cause a shift to modular disposable vaccine manufacture, the impact of which would be felt not only in the US but also the rest of the world.

HHS BARDA and the DoD will be funding advanced development and manufacturing centres (ADMs), with the purpose of providing core services for MCM development. They will provide warm-based surge capacity, biologics and vaccines, whilst maintaining a US- centric base of expertise. ADMs primarily provide core services, including advanced development and manufacturing of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear medical countermeasures. DoD will the DTRA and DARPA programs will aid the future development of ADMs, whilst HHS BARDA continues to invest in technologies tied to products.

Peter Latham, President, Latham Biopharm Group joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington 2012 to detail the US Government efforts and their impact on vaccine manufacturing and single use technologies. Why not download the full presentation to find out the full extent of this impact:

· Establishing centers of innovation for Advanced Development and Manufacturing (ADM) as public private partnerships

· ADM impact on decentralised vaccine production, vaccine developers and suppliers

Download the full presentation here!

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