Download: AfriVax whitepaper on next-gen technologies for egg-based biopharmaceutical manufacturing

Eluemuno Blyden, Founder and CEO of AfriVax, kindly provided this whitepaper entitled, ‘Poultry Pharming: Next-Generation Technologies for Egg-Based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing.’

Download the whitepaper here.

Originally published by IEEE, the whitepaper states that “recombinant vector technologies for embryonated hen eggs are an emerging platform for global health applications including production of vaccines and biologics.” It goes on to suggest that “industrializing these new platforms requires investment in translational research at molecular, machine, and systems levels,” but that once done, this type of system could offering an “attractive solution to global health challenges including influenza pandemic preparedness.”

The whitepaper looks at:

  • How eggs are used to make vaccines today
  • Learning from the global influenza vaccine enterprise
    • Coordinated global surveillance and manufacturing
    • Vertically integrating new egg-based technologies
    • Improving the molecular processes
    • Improvements in manufacturing processes – automation
    • Poultry Pharming – next generation egg-based enterprises
    • Sustaining readiness – more plural models are needed

To learn more about this, check out the whitepaper now!

Eluemuno will speak at the upcoming Influenza Congress USA on the topic ‘Manufacturing technologies for recombinant products in embryonated eggs.’ Register now to hear him speak, or download the brochure for more information.

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