Investing in success: vaccine development and manufacturing

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Is there value in investing in vaccines, in particular those for emerging markets or developing countries? Tell us your opinion below.

Sanat Chattopadhyay, Senior Vice President, Global Vaccines & Sterile Manufacturing, Merck Manufacturing Division, Merck & Co joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington in 2012 to demonstrate how investment in vaccine development and manufacturing has led to great success.

The global market footprint details the impact that emerging markets and the developing world have had on the vaccine industry. Interest from these regions continues to rise. From this development, there has been a move toward local manufacturing, which is complex, cost-effective and minimizes the impact of global shortages on an individual region. A county's ability to do this is of course dependant on its capabilities and its available infrastructure.

The global market constraints are requiring innovation across the vaccine industry. Why not download the full presentation and find out more about investing in success in vaccine development and manufacturing:

· How manufacturers can innovate their facility and localised presence for vaccine production and manufacture

· Encouraging investment in process, analytical, and formulation development, scale-up and technology transfer and commercial manufacture and launch

· How the complex lifecycle of a vaccine product is affected by new technologies, facilities, emerging demands and trends

Download the full presentation here!

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