Top 20 vaccines for H1 of 2012

Top 20 vaccinesI would usually not blog about a news feature like this, but it caught my eye and if you haven't come across it, I believe it is interesting and important information to be shared about the vaccine industry.

Data has been recently disclosed about the top vaccine selling companies for H1 of 2012 and although there are no big surprises in there, it is still interesting to see which candidates and which therapeutic areas sell more than others.

It helps us understand what’s driving growth in the vaccines industry, and which companies are behind the wheel. Thanks in part to the adult influenza market and vaccines such as Gardasil and Prevnar, the global vaccines market has enjoyed a decidedly solid boost in revenue. Ten years ago, the vaccine market sat at $5.7 billion dollars, according to Kalorama Information. Now, that market has soared to $27 billion.


Here is the list:

Vaccine Company H1 Sales Use
1 Prevnar 13 Pfizer $1.847 billion Pneumococcal infection
2 PENTAct-HIB Sanofi $672 million Diphtheria, Pertussis/whooping cough; Tetanus; Polio; Haemophilus influenza type b
3 Gardasil Merck & Co $608 million human papillomavirus (HPV)
4 Pediarix GlaxoSmithKline $535 million Diphtheria; Tetanus; Pertussis/whooping cough; Hepatitis B; Polio
5 Hepatitis Vaccine Franchise GlaxoSmithKline $500 million Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B
6 Celtura Novartis $441 million Swine flu
7 Varivax Merck & Co. $392 million Varicella virus
8 Cervarix GlaxoSmithKline $285 million HPV
9 RotaTeq Merck & Co. $284 million Rotaviral gastroenteritis
10 Synflorix GlaxoSmithKline $274 million Pneumococcal infection; Otitis media
11 Rotarix GlaxoSmithKline $266 million Rotaviral gastroenteritis
12 Zostavax Merck & Co. $224 million Shingles; Herpes
13 Prevnar Pfizer $222 million Pneumococcal infection; Otitis media
14 Fluzone/Vaxigrip Sanofi $219 million Influenza
15 Menactra Sanofi $217 million Meningitis
16 Pneumovax Merck & Co. $213 million Pneumococcal infection
17 Adacel Sanofi $207 million Diphtheria; Pertussis/whooping cough; Tetanus
18 MMR-II Merck & Co. $180 million Measles, Mumps, Rubella
19 Boostrix GlaxoSmithKline $165 million Diphtheria; Tetanus; Pertussis/whooping cough
20 Biothrax Emergent BioSolutions $88 million Anthrax

Hopefully within the next few years we'll start seeing a more diverse top 20 and more biotechs in the game.

For more information on the above article – here is the source.

I look forward to meeting executives of all of the above companies at the World Vaccine Congress Lyon in October.

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  1. Nancy Bloeser

    Somewhat interesting, though I believe using the number of doses sold instead of (or along with) the dollar revenues would be a better way to see which vaccines ‘sell more,’ and would give a more accurate picture of which companies are full bore in the vaccine business.

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