Is there value in investing in vaccines?

vaccine value, vaccine infographic

Is there value in investing in vaccines?

The answer- Yes!


Recent research undertaken by the International Vaccines Access Center at John Hopkins, in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has examined the economic benefits of immunization. The results: immunization can have a powerful impact on economics! This impact is not limited, it spans from the global level to the family level. Most importantly, immunization gives more children the opportunity to reach their fifth birthday safe and sound!

Vaccines will prevent more than 100 million cases of illness, averting 3.7  million deaths of children within the next ten years, simply by vaccinating against pneumonia, diarrhoea and meningitis. Not only will it prevent huge loss of life, but would have major economic benefits. The economic benefits of vaccinating against Hib, pneumoccocal and rotavirus in the world's 73 poorest countries will have similar results, with an estimated $63 billion in treatment and productivity saved. Averting deaths from Hib, pneumoccocal and rotavirus has an estimated value of $115 billion in at-risk countries.

Vaccination helps to avoid the short-term costs of treatment, saving $1.4 billion, the lost wages of caretakers, saving $313 million and the costs of lost productivity due to disability and death, saving around $61 billion.

vaccine infographic, vaccines value


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