Case study: outsourcing Recombinant DNA and MVA vaccine manufacturing

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The need for an HIV vaccine is undisputed. If a vaccine is the long-term solution, is there more that we can do as a global community in the short-term? Tell us your views below!

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a retrovirus carrying genetic code in the form of RNA, or ribonucliec acid. It invades a human cell, producing viral DNA, that subsequently, inserts into the genetic material of the cell. This converts white blood cells from immunity producing cells into HIV virus particles, thus destroying the immune defence system of the individual infected. In 2010, 34 million people were living with HIV with 2.7 million new cases. 1.8 million AIDS-related deaths were recorded in 2010 alone, and 6.6 million people were receiving Antiretroviral Therapy. GeoVax DNA/MVA HIV vaccine, currently in development, brings hope to the possibility of an HIV vaccine.

Michael Hellerstein, Director, Quality Control, GeoVax Inc., joined us at the World Vaccine Manufacturing Congress, part of the World Vaccine Congress in Washington 2012 to update the industry on the development of the DNA/MVA HIV vaccine, which is now in Phase 2 of clinical trials and the problems and lessons learnt from outsourcing.

If you are currently researching, working or hoping to outsource vaccine manufacturing, this case study is well worth a read. Why not download the case study and discover more about vaccine manufacturing and the lessons learnt by GeoVax!

Download the case study here!

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