The ViroCyt Virus Counter and the ViroPrep Sample Cleanup System

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InDevR develops and commercializes innovative instrumentation and assays for the rapid detection, quantification and identification of viruses and other pathogens.

The ViroCyt Virus Counter is a revolutionary instrument developed explicitly for virus quantification:

  • Delivers a quantitative measurement of the number of intact virus particles per mL within minutes
  • Provides a time- and cost-effective alternative to plaque titer, TCID50/EID50, SRID, HA and other time-consuming, traditional biological assays
  • High impact for vaccine research and development


InDevR will launch the ViroPrep Sample Cleanup System at the World Vaccine Congress in Lyon.

The ViroPrep Sample Cleanup System is a complement to the ViroCyt Virus Counter that enables quantification of virus directly from allantoic fluid. Same day elucidation of total particle count for egg-grown influenza is now possible!

With the majority of global seasonal flu vaccine manufactured in eggs, there is an urgent need to improve the production process to avoid shortages and delays, so much so that the 2011 Strategic Plan of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) emphasizes reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing production of vaccines. Many methods used today, such as plaque titer assays, only determine infectivity levels and require days or weeks to carry out, significantly delaying vaccine development and manufacturing. None, however, are capable of quantifying intact virus, data that can be critical at key steps including seed stock characterization and process optimization. Understanding the total number of intact viral particles, regardless of infectivity, will facilitate immediate and informed decisions at numerous points across the vaccine development and manufacturing continuum.

Today, there is no other product on the market which can quantify intact virus particles in such a short time with equivalent reproducibility and accuracy.

Using ViroCyt Virus Counter, vaccines will be on the market faster, cheaper and with improved quality control.


World Vaccine Congress Lyon is delighted to announce that InDevR is sponsoring our 2012 congress. World Vaccine Congress Lyon is a key event for vaccinologists to meet with expert representatives from a wide variety of institutions and facilitates discussions that are vital for progression of the vaccine field.

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