Download: EpiVax whitepapers on H1N1 influenza vaccines, T cell epitopes and more!

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Dr. Annie DeGroot, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at EpiVax, Inc., will be speaking at the upcoming Influenza Congress USA on the topic, ‘Genome-to-vaccine development of a broad spectrum influenza vaccine.’

Annie kindly provided these whitepapers, entitled ‘Coupling sensitive in vitro and in silico techniques to assess cross-reactive CD4+ T cells against the swine-origin H1N1 influenza virus,’ and ‘Time for T? Thoughts about the 2009 novel H1N1 influenza outbreak and the role of T cell epitopes in the next generation of influenza vaccines.’

Download the first whitepaper on in vitro and in silico techniques here.

Download the second whitepaper on the role of T cell epitopes here.

In the first paper, the authors look at the 2009 H1N1 influenza outbreak, and the resulting efforts to produce large quantities of vaccine doses to protect against this virus strain. “Of particular concern was the apparent lack of pre-existing antibody capable of eliciting crossprotective immunity against this novel virus, which fueled fears this strain would trigger a particularly far-reaching and lethal pandemic.” However, as the pandemic was far less severe than expected, the authors suggest that “cellular immunity to cross-conserved T cell epitopes might have played a significant role in protecting against the pandemic H1N1 in the absence of cross-reactive humoral immunity.” They propose that “pre-existing CD4+ T cells can elicit crossreactive effector responses against the pandemic H1N1 virus.”

Download the whitepaper now for more information on this.

In the second paper, the authors look at the role of T cell epitopes in next-gen flu vaccines. They suggest that, “there might be cross-protective immunity due to previously circulating influenza virus and the novel H1N1… Was it possible that – in the absence of cross-protective antibodies – T cells were contributing enough of a protective immune response to protect some individuals against novel H1N1?”

To find out, download the whitepaper now.

Influenza Congress USA is taking place this November in Washington, D.C. Download the brochure now for more information.

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