Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines produced in vero cells

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The benefits of using cell culture for vaccine production to meet pandemic demands are well documented and the reason behind huge financial investment, cell culture can and is being used to produce a wide range of vaccines and exhibiting even more benefits.

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Dr Neuza Maria Frazatti Gallina, Coordinator Projetos de Desenvolvimento e Produção de Vacinas Virais at Instituto Butantan in Brazil,  joined us at the World Vaccine Cell Culture Congress 2012 in Washington to present on mammalian cell sustainability, in relation to Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines in vero cell.

The evolution of cell substrate to vaccine production has 4 distinct stages: Primary cell culture to Diploid cell lines to Continuous cell lines and finally, Stem cell lines. Dr Neuza Maria Frazatti Gallina described the advantages of continuous cell lines or CCLS as: extensive characterization and standardization of their culture conditions; consistence and reproducibility of cell populations; grow more easily then Diploid cell lines; most can be adapted to grow in a serum-free medium; and finally they grow on microcarriers or can be adapted to grow in suspension. These cell lines can then be used to produce viral vaccines in vero cell, such as for Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines.

Why not download the full presentation and learn more about Rabies, Rotavirus and Dengue vaccines produced in vero cell:

· Exploring how to achieve vero cell qualification for use in human vaccines

· Evaluating the procedures involved in delivering large scale vero cell production

· A detailed look at Rabies , Pentavalent Rotavirus and Tetravalent Dengue vaccines produced in vero cell


Download the full presentation here!

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