Screening technologies that will advance cell line development

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Viral vaccines make up another interesting section of R&D for the vaccine industry. Tell us your opinion on them below!

Dr Arifa Khan, Senior Investigator, CBER, FDA joined us at the World Vaccine Congress 2012 in Washington to give a presentation on different types of cell substrates for viral vaccines; Factors to consider for adventitious agent testing; Mitigation strategies for minimizing risk of virus Contamination; Current test methods for cell substrate safety; Limitations of current testing and finally, Considerations for application of new, broad virus detection technologies.

During his presentation he expanded on the discussion of risk assessment tools and the potential opportunities, limitations and drawbacks with current virus detection assays. He also reviewed nucleic acid sequence based technologies for the detection and identification of adventitious agents through the discussion of the pros and cons, applications and gaps.

Why not download the full presentation and find out more about screening technologies that will advance cell line development:

  • Highlighting the risk associated with the contamination of vaccine producing cell lines to emphasise the importance of thorough screening
  • Exploring the advantages and limitations of new technologies for the qualification of cell lines
  • Are the latest generation of technologies advanced enough to achieve defined applications and deliver future confidence in cell line produced vaccines?

Download the full presentation here!

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