Mimopath® Delivering vaccines the way it is supposed to be

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Vaccine delivery, and getting it right, plays a vital role in the industry.

The title of this blog post and presentation, in my humble opinion, is one that could spark an interesting discussion. How do you believe vaccines are supposed to be delivered? Tell us below.

Govert Schouten, CEO, Mucosis joined us at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington in April 2012 to discuss the company's leveraging of its Mimopath® platform as a means of revolutionising vaccination. This revolution would be achieved through the development of novel mucosal vaccines that provide optimal protection in the mucosa, the site where >90% of pathogens enter the human body.

Mimopath® (FluGEM®) has chosen influenza as a proof of concept, the development and results of which are detailed within this presentation.

Why not download the full presentation and find out more about this research, its development and its results!

Download the full presentation here.

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