Using PapMV Nanoparticles as safe adjuvant and/or vaccine platform

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Influenza is a source of debate within the vaccine industry. Issues such as the necessity for preparation for a pandemic emphasise the importance of the development of flu vaccine. Tell us your opinion below!

Denis Leclerc, President and CSO of Folia Biotech Inc, presents his company's development of PapMV biologic nanoparticles. The mission of this research is to improve existing vaccines and to aid the development of new, innovative vaccines. The first objective is to demonstrate that this technology is safe by bringing biologic nanoparticles into clinic and improve the efficacy of seasonal flu vaccine. Check out the development plan of this innovative research.

Why not download the full presentation and find out more about PapMV Nanoparticules:

· Improve the breath of the immune response of TIV

· Induce protection to an heterosubtypic strain

· Induce a memory response

· Activate the innate immune system

· Can be used as a vaccine platform (Ex: M2e peptide)

· Low cost of production

· Stable

· Well tolerated

Download the full presentation here!

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